AI in the Woods

What is AI, really? And what does it have to do with meaning? AI in the Woods has the answers in a series of videos which explain foundational concepts of Artificial Intelligence… in the forest.

Episode 6

Your mind makes predictions thousands of times a day. AI systems must also learn to predict from their experiences. How can we visualise this process of inference in a conceptual space?

Episode 5

Do you ever disagree with your friends about big questions? The meaning of freedom, what our political system should be like, how we should live… It is possible to mathematically account your disagreements by noticing that people’s concepts may well live in different sets of dimensions.

Episode 4

Did you know that your mind lives in many more dimensions than your body? If not, come and discover the space where concepts live.

Episode 3

A short introduction to the formal notion of meaning and possible worlds.

Episode 2

This episode covers the I in AI: what do we actually mean when we talk of ‘intelligence’?

Episode 1

A little introduction to the series on a snowy day!